Scientific Program

Wednesday | 21st November 2018

07:00am | 08:00am
08:00am | 09:00am
PANARAB Board Meeting
09:00am | 09:05am
Dr. Salman Al-Sabah

Welcome Address

Pan Arab Society Session

Moderators: Dr. Sami Asfar, Dr. Waleed Bohaimed, Dr. Ali Alsayed

09:05am | 09:10am
Dr. Adel Hosny

Welcome Speech PANARAB Session

09:10am | 09:20am
Dr. Abdel-Hadi Breizat

Implementation of WHO Surgical Safety Checklist: Challenges & Solutions

09:20am | 09:30am
Dr. Safwat AbdelKhader

Geriatric Trauma

09:30am | 09:40am
Dr. Abdullah Bashir

Safe Thyroidectomy: How I do it?

09:40am | 09:50am
Dr. Abdullah Aldohayan

Fatty Inguinal Hernia (Sacless Inguinal Hernia)

09:50am | 10:00am
Dr. Mohamed Farid

Video-Assisted Minimally Invasive Transperineal Mesh Sacrorectopexy With Post-Anal Repair and Anal Cerclage for Treatment of Complete Rectal Prolapse (Novel Technique)

10:00am | 10:10am
Dr. Abdel Moeti Hussein

Antibiotic guidelines for treatment of diabetic foot infection

10:10am | 10:20am
Dr. Safwat Abdel Khader

Missed Latrogenic Injures

10:20am | 10:30am
Dr. Fahmi Jubran

Electric Welding in Breast Cancer Surgery

10:30am | 10:45am
Debates Session

Referees: Dr. Abdulsamad Sayed Mustafa, Dr. Obeid Al-Harbi, Dr. Abdulatif Al-Terki

10:45am | 11:00am
Match 1: Coated Sutures and Surgical Site infections

Dr. Oaus Al-Ozairi: YES
Dr. Asma Al-Rashed : NO

11:00am | 11:15am
Match 2: Use of anti-adhesives in surgery

Dr. Mohammad Al-Banaa: YES
Dr. Bader Shahban: NO

11:15am | 11:30am
Match 3: Robotic Surgery

Dr. Saad Al-Dossari: YES
Dr. Murad Al-Jiffry: NO

11:30am | 11:45am
Match 4: Use of Routine Drains in Surgery

Dr. Saud Al-Subaie: YES
Dr. Ali Jeragh: NO

11:45am | 12:00pm
Match 5: Trauma Spleenectomy

Dr. Saud Al-Zaid: YES
Dr. Ammar Al-Naqi: No

12:00pm | 12:15pm
Match 6: Appendectomy for acute appendicitis

Dr. Abdullah Rajab: YES
Dr. Ammar Al-Naqi: NO

12:15pm | 12:30pm
Match 7: Surgeons and social media: Threat to professionalism or an essential part of contemporary surgical practice?

Dr. Khaled Al-Enezi: YES
Dr. Salman Al-Sabah: NO

12:30pm | 12:45pm
Voting for the Winners
12:45pm | 2:00pm
Dr. Kenneth Kamler

Lunch break
Keynote lecture: : Surgery at the Extremes

American College of Surgeons: Kuwait Chapter Session

Moderators: Dr. Abdullah Behbehani, Dr. Mohammad Jarallah, Dr. Waleed Mandani, Dr. Salman Al-Sabah

02:05pm | 02:30pm
Dr. Ronald Maier

Keynote lecture: Development of a Comprehensive Trauma System President of the American College of Surgeons

02:30pm | 03:00pm
Dr. Patricia Numann

Being a Safe Surgeon

03:00pm | 03:15pm
Dr. Liane Feldman

Prehabilitation: ready for prime time?

03:15pm | 04:15pm
Dr. John Mattone

KAS KEYNOTE: Intelligent Leadership: What You Need to Know to Unlock and Unleash Your Potential

04:15pm | 04:30pm
Opening Ceremony
04:30pm | 04:40pm
Dr. Salman Al-Sabah

KAS Presidential Address

04:40pm | 04:50pm
Dr. Ronald Maier

ACS Presidential Address

04:50pm | 04:55pm
Dr. Abdallah Behbehani

ACS Kuwait Presidential Address

04:55pm | 05:00pm
Dr. Adel Hosny

Pan Arab Presidential Address

05:00pm | 05:10pm
H.E. Sheikh Dr. Basel Humoud Al-Sabah

Address by Minister of Health, Kuwait

05:10pm | 05:30pm
Awards and Prizes Distribution
05:30pm | 06:00pm
Women in Surgery Session

Moderators: Dr. Mervat Al-Saleh, Dr. Suad Abul, Dr. Asma Al-Rashed

06:00pm | 06:15pm
Dr. Asma Al-Rashed

Women Surgeons in Kuwait

06:15pm | 06:30pm
Dr. Patricia Numann

Leadership: Women in Surgery

06:30pm | 06:45pm
Dr. Mary McGrath

Leadership Opportunities for Women Surgeons

06:45pm | 07:00pm
Dr. Liane Feldman

Women in Leadership: Let’s Talk About the Challenges

07:00pm | 07:10pm
Dr. Salman Al-Sabah

Women in Leadership: Healthcare in Kuwait

07:10pm | 07:30pm
Expert Panel Leadership Discussion

Dr. Dalal Al-Aradi, Dr. Samah A. Balla, Dr. Ibtesam Al-Bader & All Speakers and Moderators

Innovation and Safety Session

Moderators: Dr. Moussa Khorsheed, Dr. Qutaibah Al-Kandari, Dr. Adel Alhanayan

07:30pm | 08:00pm
Dr. Federico Bilotti

Are all surgical devices risk free?

08:00pm | 08:15pm
Dr. Jamal Jomah

“Al Zahrawi, Albucasis”

08:15pm | 08:30pm
Dr. Mary McGrath

Update on Breast Implant Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL)

08:30pm | 08:45pm
Dr. Nasser Al-Sanea

Anastomotic Leaks: Innovations in Management

08:45pm | 09:00pm
Dr. Abdullah Aldohayan

Laparoscopic Hernia Repair Using Poly-4-hydroxybutyrate Mesh (Phasix Mesh)

Gala Dinner
*Stop the Bleed Workshop - Available at Exhibition Hall - Register Online/Onsite

Thursday | 22nd November 2018

07:00am | 08:00am
“Breakfast with the Professor”
08:00am | 10:00am
Surgical Jeopardy Session

Moderator: Dr. Osama Hamed

Surgical Education and Innovation Session

Moderators: Dr. Ali Ismail, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Mutair, Dr. Abdullah Rajab, Dr. Abdulmalik Altaf

10:00am | 10:20am
Dr. Jaap Bonjer

Surgical Education – time for a paradigm shift

10:20am | 10:50am
Dr. Patricia Numann

Cognitive Simulation program: increasing learner safety

10:50am | 11:10am
Dr. Mary McGrath

Progress on the Path to Patient Safety

11:10am | 11:30am
Dr. Fahad Bamhraz

Surgical Training in Saudi Arabia: Residencies and Fellowship Opportunities

11:30am | 11:40am
11:40am | 11:50am
Dr. Salman Al-Sabah

Shaping the Future Together: Telesurgery for Training and Education

11:50am | 12:10pm
Dr. Mazen Hassanain

Biotechnology in Surgery

12:10pm | 12:25pm
Dr. Abeer Al-Enezi

Quality, Accreditation, and Safety & Risk Management Surgery

12:25pm | 12:35pm
12:35pm | 02:00pm
Lunch Break and Keynote Lecture
Innovation and Breakthroughs in Kuwait Session

Moderators: Dr. Adel Khudr, Dr. Abdulrazak Al-Obeid, Dr. Yaseen Al-Yaseen

02:00pm | 02:10pm
Dr. Mohammad Jamal

First Liver Transplant

02:10pm | 02:20pm
Dr. Riad Al-Tarazi

First Artificial Heart Pump Transplant in Middle East

02:20pm | 02:30pm
Dr. Moussa Khoursheed

Endoluminal Sleeve Gastrectomy

02:30pm | 02:40pm
Dr. Derar AlShehab

Innovations in Thoracic Surgery

02:40pm | 02:50pm
Dr. Saud Al-Zaid

Establishing Trauma Center in Kuwait

02:50pm | 03:00pm
Dr. Ahmad Nabeel

Self-Cleaning Technology for Laparoscopy

03:00pm | 03:15pm
Resuscitation and Enhanced Recovery Session

Moderators: Dr. Ous Alozairi, Dr. Saud Al-Subaie, Dr. Saud Al-Zaid

03:15pm | 03:45pm
Dr. Ronald Maier

Keynote Lecture: Surgical Palliative Care

03:45pm | 04:05pm
Dr. Liane Feldman

Changing Culture Through Enhanced Recovery Programs

04:05pm | 04:25pm
Dr. Ronald Maier

What’s New in Trauma Resuscitation

04:25pm | 04:35pm
Panel Discussion
04:35pm | 04:45pm
MedicoLegal Session

Moderators: Dr. Mohammad Jamal

04:45pm | 05:00pm
Dr. Mourad Al-Jiffry

Hepatio-Pancreato-Biliary Videos

05:00pm | 05:15pm
Dr. Salem Al-Harthy

MedicoLegal Cases/Videos

05:30pm | 05:45pm
Dr. Matthew Kroh

Medical Errors: Bariatric Case studies

05:45pm | 06:00pm
Dr. Jeffrey Barkun

MedicoLegal Cases/Videos

06:00pm | 06:15pm
Dr. Abdulhadi Breizat

Legal Implications of Common Bile Duct Injury

Colorectal Session

Moderators: Dr. Jasim Alabbad, Dr. Sameer Al-Osaimi, Dr. Fawaz Abdul Raheem

06:30pm | 06:45pm
Dr. Jaap Bonjer

Perspectives on Colorectal Surgery

06:45pm | 07:00pm
Dr. Nasser Al-Sanea

Long-Term Outcomes & Quality of Pathological Specimen after TaTME for Rectal Cancer

07:00pm | 07:15pm
Dr. Jasim Alabbad

Update on Management of Diverticulitis

07:15pm | 07:30pm
Dr. Naser Al-Sanea

Dehisced Colorectal Anastomosis: A Novel Approach "Stapled Marsupialization"

07:30pm | 07:45pm
Dr. Jaap Bonjer

Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision - The COLOR III Trial

07:45pm | 08:00pm
Dr. Naser Al-Sanea

Impact of the Colorectal Surgeon on Survival after Rectal Cancer Treatment

08:00pm | 08:15pm
Dr. Asma Al-Kandiri

Endoscopic Sub-mucosal Resection

08:15pm | 08:30pm
Dr. Ahmed Al-Khamis

The Role of Robot in the Surgical Management Algorithm of Retrotrectal Cysts

08:30pm | 08:45pm
Dr. Naser Al-Sanea

Traumatic Perforation of the Colon: Reconsider Your Options

08:45pm | 09:00pm
Panel Discussion
*Stop the Bleed Workshop - Available at Exhibition Hall - Register Online/Onsite